System fire protection
from East Westphalia

Fire risks minimised thanks to B+H

Thanks to decades of experience, targeted cooperation and specialisation, B+H SPRINKLER SERVICE GmbH works extremely efficiently and practically.
With this background, we can present you with a fully developed technical solution for your situation in the shortest possible time.

In addition, we offer consultancy and engineering services, training courses and materials for fire protection systems that are precisely tailored to your structural conditions and industry-specific requirements.
One thing is certain: Fire protection does not forgive mistakes.

You can rely completely on the expertise of B+H SPRINKLER SERVICE GmbH.

Prevention and precision are the top priorities of our work.



From the very beginning, B+H SPRINKLER SERVICE GmbH has been a trade and distribution company and the specialist for the realisation of fire extinguishing systems, such as sprinkler systems. ...

Fire protection consulting

Our services of course include comprehensive advice on system fire protection. The B+H team supports building owners and investors in making the right decisions for a particular extinguishing system ...

Analysis & conception

Every building and every property has specific characteristics. Certain structural conditions are created by the planners. The resultant individual requirements for fire protection arise from this ...

Plant design

The calculation is evaluated, the costs and the scope of the planned fire protection measures are defined. In addition, the prerequisites for the construction of the facilities must be created. ...

Project development

An important basis for all fire protection measures is the planning of fire compartments, which should be integrated into the architectural concept as early as possible, as well as ...

Expert services

The aim of safety inspections is to determine the effectiveness and operational safety of the system. The relevant regulations and provisions must be observed during the test. ...

Hazardous materials management

Until now, fire extinguishing foams have often contained fluorine substances that enable the formation of a water film during the extinguishing process and thus shorten the extinguishing time ...


We bring together the most capable engineers, specialists and experts in the fire protection field for your project. ...


The factors “knowledge and practice” arise automatically from continuous, in-service training and our experience on the part of installation companies for extinguishing systems and testing institutions. ...

Our customers

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Talk to us now about your new fire protection solution.
The B+H company principle of “Specialisation & Cooperation” produces target-oriented, individually tailored fire protection solutions – for warehouses, factory buildings, sawmills, assembly halls, logistics centres, public buildings and much more.
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