B+H offers you both consulting and engineering services as well as materials and components for system fire protection

Our service modules interlock cohesively with one another: whether preparatory in project management or on site at the construction site

We take care of it

As an established company in the field of “system fire protection”, B+H SPRINKLER SERVICE GmbH recommends and arranges work services, materials and purchased parts approved throughout Europe in accordance with the German construction products ordinance [BauPVo]. Depending on requirements, we can of course also provide these directly.

Important building blocks for the optimisation of safety in your company are:

  • Component deliveries of products for fire extinguishing systems
  • Installation services in fire protection system construction
  • Renovation and reconstruction of existing plants

You have a direct question? We can advise you in detail and provide information.


These and our other services complement each other perfectly, in line with the planned prevention measures:

  • Fire protection advice
  • System planning
  • Project development
  • System testing
  • Support in the event of damage
  • Determination of potential savings in the maintenance and repair of a fire protection system

Of course, we also offer services for necessary repair and redevelopment activities:

  • Inspection of old installations (AAP) according to VdS CEA 4001
  • Sprinkler replacement after inspection of old installations (AAP) according to VdS CEA 4001
  • Sprinkler underground pipe laying and repair in accordance with DIN, NFPA, FM Global, VdS CEA 4001 incl. ancillary construction services such as earth trenching, sand bedding and surface preparation
  • Refurbishment and coating of sprinkler steel storage tanks and sprinkler compressed air water tanks (DLWB) in accordance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and VdS CEA 4001
  • Refurbishment, conversion, delivery and new installation of sprinkler water storage tanks in accordance with VdS CEA 4001 and FM Global

Talk to us about the details of your future-oriented fire protection solution.

The B+H company principle of “Specialisation & Cooperation” produces target-oriented, individually tailored fire protection solutions – for warehouses, factory buildings, sawmills, assembly halls, logistics centres, public buildings and much more.