The fire protection documentation provides information about escape and rescue routes

At the critical moment, the documentation provides the necessary information in a clear and structured way

Fire protection documentation is essential

One might think that with the completion of a fire protection/extinguishing system everything is done. Not at all. Proper documentation ensures long-term clarity and control. In the event of damage, i.e. if there is an actual fire in your company, the documentation provides important facts/information and secures claims against third parties. Particularly in cases where operators invoke the so-called “Bestandsschutz” (protection of existing buildings) and therefore want to avoid cost-intensive measures, complete, chronological documentation is the central element.

The fire protection documentation provides an overview at the critical moment, e.g. of

  • Escape and rescue routes
  • Fire brigade plan, alarm plan
  • Fire protection instructions
  • Test documents for operating equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of all safety equipment

This may sound a little as if this paper will remained unused most of the time. Hopefully in many cases this will be the case. However, this documentation will provide useful support in rescuing people and securing property.

A must: An overview of the fire protection measures carried out must be documented. Your advantage: All information is collated together in one place and always “to hand”.

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