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In the future, the planning of plant fire protection solutions will be supported by a digital application, the so-called pipe network configurator.


Web-based planning for prefabrication of sprinkler pipe networks

Now that the contracts are signed and sealed, nothing stands in the way of starting the development of the so-called “pipe network configurator”. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, with funding from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and within the framework of the leading-edge cluster it’s OWL, the goal is now being actively pursued of providing the customers of B+H SPRINKLER SERVICE GmbH with a tool for the prefabrication of their sprinkler systems in the form of an intelligent, digital application. By assigning attributes and thanks to a permanent plausibility check, errors can be avoided and thus reliable prefabrication lists can be created automatically in connection with drawings that are true to position on the customer side. As a result, users should immediately receive a quotation for the planned pipe prefabrication.

We will continue to report on progress and milestones.


The database in the background is evolving, the user interface is taking shape.


Logics and functions arise

The base system for the new “pipe network configurator” has been set up, the first test operation is within reach. The project team is currently working on creating the conditions for recording the components and storing corresponding constraints. With the help of so-called constraints (“restrictions”), the conditions are fixed that must be achieved when inserting, deleting or changing data records within a database. An essential basis for the coming plausibility check in real operation of the pipe network configurator (short version “RNKG”). Further steps in this project section include the integration of user login, component selection, tabular views and various buttons.

We can still be excited.


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Our video conveys the functions of the new configurator for the prefabrication of sprinkler pipe networks.


Prototype available

Now it’s here, the RNKG. Our video shows the steps required to configure a pipe network: record assembly sections, create parts lists, define pipe ends and outlets, etc. Numerous options can be selected and values ​​defined. In the meantime, the graphic representation is constantly being adjusted. Of course, recorded and saved positions can be changed or duplicated. The system automatically excludes the entry of invalid values ​​or the combination of incompatible properties. A corresponding error message tells the user to correct his input.

The aim of this application is to simplify and automate the sprinkler pipe network prefabrication by connecting to the prefabricator at domestic and abroad. The pipe network configurator is available in German and English.

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