We provide experienced engineers specialized in designing systems for compliance with established fire protection standards (e.g. VdS, DIN, NFPA, FM Global) as required by building authorities and insurance terms, with special focus on the following fields:

Engineering focus fields

  • Water suppression systems (low pressure up to 16 bar)
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Foam suppression systems
  • Water spray systems
  • Direct connection stations
  • High pressure water mist fire suppression systems
  • Gas suppression systems (e.g. nitrogen, argon)
  • Synthetic gas suppression systems (e.g. Novec 1230, FM200)
  • CO2 fire suppression systems (high and low pressure)
  • Fire department assistance systems
  • Half-stationary water spray systems
  • Dry and wet riser lines
  • Wall hydrant installations (dry-wet, dry)
  • Pressure booster systems
  • Active fire prevention through oxygen reduction
  • Fire control matrix integration
  • Documentation for responsible personnel
  • Emergency power supply
  • Fire department notification
  • Fire alarm control panels
  • Fire alarm systems infrastructure (BUS, Loop and/or threshold technology)
  • Automatic fire detectors (e.g. smoke detectors, heat detectors, multi-criteria detectors)
  • Smoke aspiration systems
  • Flame detectors (infrared and UV range)
  • Initiating devices (e.g. push-button alarms, pull stations, call points)
  • Fire station alerting systems
  • Extinguishing control panels
  • Spark detectors
  • Spark extinguishing nozzles
  • Fire suppression systems design in accordance with regulatory requirements and insurance terms
  • in accordance with DVGW regulations
  • DIN 1988
  • DIN 14462
  • EN 1717

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