The experts at B+H support industrial companies and system manufacturers in the realisation of various tasks in the field of fire protection

Precision, knowledge, experience

Our services of course include comprehensive advice on system fire protection. The B+H team supports building owners and investors in making the right decisions for a particular extinguishing system, which are technically correct and geared to the future. Because there is a great deal to consider and numerous guidelines to observe. We approach these complex tasks with great care on your behalf.

Project example – plant extension: Sprinkler group layout plan with colour differentiation for the building levels and sprinkler groups

We rely on quality, now and always

The constant change in building laws and insurance regulations characterises our work in the field of “system fire protection”. As a result, the continuous development of our expertise is a matter of course. We place the highest demands on ourselves.

Knowing what to do

In the construction of a large industrial plant or warehouse/commercial building, the “fire protection” component represents another dimension and challenge with far-reaching and fundamental implications. The realisation of numerous projects at home and abroad as well as contending with specialist knowledge that is always being updated, puts us in a position to create well thought-out system concepts for you, from the planning stage through to acceptance and documentation.

It is confirmed again and again that things cannot be precise enough in this sensitive segment.

We would be happy to enter into a dialogue with you on the subject of “fire protection precautions”.
We look forward to hearing from you.

The B+H company principle of “Specialisation & Cooperation” produces target-oriented, individually tailored fire protection solutions – for warehouses, factory buildings, sawmills, assembly halls, logistics centres, public buildings and much more.