The power of the market leader: 24 years experience in the market, member of Bundesverbands Sicherheitstechnik e.V. (BHE – German association of safety technology), winner of multiple awards – Protection One provides concentrated expertise

Our cooperation partner Protection One

… is the market leader in live intrusion protection. The service provider with multiple awards emphasises rapid reaction based on 24h remote
monitoring with real-time intervention, and provides dependable solutions in the area of fire protection technology.

Fire protection technology:

Installation and integration of fire alarm and detection systems to the
customer’s own insurer-certified emergency and service control centre – real-time reaction when a developing fire is detected: fire brigade is alerted immediately.

Remote temperature monitoring:

Cutting-edge thermal cameras detect unexpected temperature trends; if a specified temperature limit is exceeded, an alarm is triggered in the emergency and service control centre before a potential fire occurs.

And with Protection One, our extinguishing systems can be connected to the emergency and service control centre. Find out more at:

We will of course be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide further information.


The B+H company principle of “Specialisation & Cooperation” produces target-oriented, individually tailored fire protection solutions – for warehouses, factory buildings, sawmills, assembly halls, logistics centres, public buildings and much more.

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